Pro Rally 2001 Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 0
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.0
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Pro Rally 2001 (c) UbiSoft

Did you ever hear your mother warn you about the dangerous roads? the maniacs driving those cars as if there was no one else on the road? well, That maniac is You this time, Get ready to rotate some tires!

Rally Pro 2001 is, as the name suggests, a Rally game (dah), You get a variety of licensed cars (Toyota, Peugeot...) to drive on some of the most fun tracks I ever encountered in my Gamers life :P. Remarkably, this game (while not having the most amazing features) does pass on my ten Thumbs Up, why? because its Dead fun. Here's my review:

Well, as I got into the game, I found a nice, basic menu (excluding the Animated mouse cursor) with three/four options simply Waiting for me to choose one, nothing fancy (like Insane and that really cool rotating tire). getting around the graphics is really easy, everything is crystal clear and noticeable, no criticism here (though they could have thrown a couple of animation's in there or something).

Game graphics are splendid, not the most astounding graphics I've even seen, but the graphics that a Fast pasted Arcade rally game should have. Because we'r talking about open tracks (not closed Nascar like tracks), Ubisoft took the time to implement some very satisfying Effects like smoke, durt and others.... yet the main real issue about the same has not been touched.... The Gameplay...

Now, this is where the game really shook me up, this game is pure adrenaline based Fun, racing against the clock or against you opponents, you will certainly not be disappointed, raging through those tracks UbiSoft magnificently threw in, you will not find yourself staring at a screen just to get through one of those tracks.
The game consists of 3-4 options: Arcade, Championship, School and ofcourse, multiplayer.
There isnt much to talk about really but to actually Show you the game, I might be capturing some video of the game and post it here as part of the review (but that'll take time, so I'll postpone :P), for now, Go get the game, because its Good!

Didn't want to say much because this is plain as plain gets, the normal roaring, your guide on your left/right (didn't notice where he sits, but yea, he's cool :P), nothing Extravagant but its sure All Good, playing the game will help you decide for yourself, get it, you wont be disappointed.

my Ten Thumbs Up(TM) is held up again, Very great game to play, lots and lots of fun. C'ya next review (Expect me When you See me -Crusade)

Graphics: 7.8/10
Playability 7.9/10
Controls 7.8/10
Overall 7.9/10