Project 1
Genre Simulation -> Flight
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Date N/A
Publisher Mindscape
Date 2003-04-17
Publisher Just Flight
North America Retail Box ArtFor a limited time, you can own this critically acclaimed time-travel game as it was meant to be played--as a series! The Journeyman Project Trilogy boxed set includes these three award-winning games: The Journeyman Project: Turbo! Detecting a rip in the fabric of time, Agent Blackwood must jump back in time and prevent its opening before the timestream is forever changed! The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time. Agent Blackwood is accused of altering earth history. He must walk through the shadows of time in a dangerous and challenging mission to clear his name and reveal the true conspirators. The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time. Agent 5 runs a race against time, traveling to the lost civilizations of Shangri-La, El Dorado, and Atlantis. Apprehend renegade TSA Agent 3 to find the clues that will save the future from certain destruction. Use the Chameleon Jumpsuit to assume the identities of 18 different characters and experience their ancient cultures firsthand.
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