Project Eden
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 0
Date 2001-10-10
Publisher Eidos
Date 2004-04-02
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtFrom the creators of Tomb Raider comes a new science-fiction action-adventure game. The planet has become severely overpopulated and society has moved into huge tower-cities, each inhabited by millions of people. You control a team of four members of an elite force called the Urban Protection Agency as they investigate a bizarre equipment malfunction at the Real Meat factory. They soon discover a much more serious problem.The four characters are Carter, the squad leader; Minoko, the computer expert; Andre, the engineer; and Amber, the robot. Featuring interchangeable first- and third-person viewpoints, gameplay requires close interaction between these characters. Command may be switched between characters and also to remotely operated equipment. Gear includes a hover camera, rover, sentry guns, mines, explosive charges, a "time-shock" weapon that slows time for all but your team members, a mind probe, and a bouncing Frisbee explosive. The team can remote operate cameras, security weapons, doors, and other machinery, plus, as an added feature, the equipment can be regenerated when needed. The game engine is completely different from the one used for the Tomb Raider series, and allows for improved animation systems, mirrored surfaces, bump mapping, environmental bump mapping, gloss mapping, and light mapping.
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