Project Temporality
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Project Temporality Gone Gold Trailer (HD)
47.55MB - 35 downloads - 6 March, 2014

Project Temporality is a single player co-op sci-fi action puzzler that explores in depth the time bending mechanic. Granting players the flexibility of existing in multiple timelines, solving puzzles becomes a co-op pursuit between you and several of your time clones. As test subject #87, youíll need to figure your way out of an operational, yet abandoned research facility, by time cloning yourself. The gameís complexity resides in the fact that your time clones arenít just static copies of your previous self. They represent a set of your recorded actions, simultaneously operating in different timelines, along your current activities. This dynamic results in some mind twisting puzzles.

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Project Temporality Indiegogo Trailer (HD)
41.25MB - 151 downloads - 4 July, 2013

Project Temporality is a third person action puzzler with a heavy emphasis on time manipulation, inspired most notably by Portal and Braid. Defrost Games promise to offer rarely seen consistency and depth in the time bending mechanics, allowing the players a lot of flexibility and the chance to reach a high level of skill in the art of helping themselves out across several parallel timelines. The game is set in a space station where the search for the ultimate time-bending technology has forced all other considerations to the side. As the players explore the rooms and hallways of the station, they will find heaps of hints and testimonies about the crimes committed against humanity.

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Project Temporality Trailer (HD)
47.84MB - 38 downloads - 23 January, 2013

Project Temporality is a third person Action/puzzle game developed around the concept of single player cooperation. By manipulating time you create multiple versions of yourself, called time clones, that are working together to solve the puzzles. Project Temporality is set in a dystopian future where mankind has used theories by Martyn J. Fogg to ignite Jupiter and create new habitable planets out of its moons. You are #87, an involuntary test subject at a mobile research base residing at the outskirts of Jupiterís territory. As you progress through the game you will be learning more about your backstory and your abilities. But most of all, you learn to think about time in a nonlinear way, which is necessary to solve the later puzzles.

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