Puresim Baseball 2007
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 622
Date 2007-01-18
Publisher Tri Synergy
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
PureSim Baseball 2007 is one of the top baseball simulations on the market, with unparalleled accuracy and an extraordinary number of options. PureSim Baseball 2007 includes improved graphics, new sounds, animated ball flight, multiple levels of minors (A, AA, AAA), faster simulation speeds, an improved AI, improved templates for faster Association creation, and an improved play-by-play display. The game's unique player aging system, completely customizable parks and leagues, and the ability to edit any aspect of any detail found within the game all round out a sharper, quicker, and more intense baseball simulation. Integrated support for importing player photographs, both real and fictional Virtual web site tracks the news from around your league Comprehensive modding SDK support for any. NET or COM based programming language

- Full career and aging model with no limit on the number of seasons
- Configure PureSim's graphics engine to support any modification you make; rich export and data analysis tools
- Build baseball universes with and without economics/salaries, reserve clause contracts, fictional or historical replay modes and more
- Quick start mode -- start playing your association of choice in minutes
- Every part of the game can be edited - Player ratings and stats, association parameters, team payrolls, regions and more
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