Puzzle Moppet
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Puzzle Moppet is allowing you to try out this puzzle game developed for PC. This trial version offers 6 completely new levels, some harder puzzles, a longer play time, as well as more block types, previously only available in the full game: exploding blocks, ice blocks, and balloons.

Save the Moppet from itself

The Moppet is lost and alone in the space wilderness, feeling sad and depressed. You are its only hope. Can you help?
Brain melting puzzles

Guide the Moppet through the vast and eternal void of space, solving puzzles ranging from the delightfully docile to the devilishly devious.
Beautiful graphics

Arguably. And also only if your graphics card supports them. Otherwise there are some ugly fallback graphics. Download and see which you will get! It's a crazy game of chance!
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