Quake 2 Mission Pack: Ground Zero
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher Activision
A full version of Quake II is needed to operate this game, if users are to free their comrades and destroy the Gravity Well. This newest weapon in the Stroggs' arsenal will take a lot to annihilate--it is almost unbeatable. Gamers have 14 new levels and 10 new death-match levels to confront if they are to succeed. These Stroggs don't mess about, and weapons such as the Chainsaw and the Plasma Beam have to be used efficiently if the fleet is to be saved. Opponents such as Stalker, Daedalus and the Black Widow come thick and fast before the daunting challenge of destroying the Gravity Well. Gamers will feel relieved that they've played the original when this prospect finally comes about. --Paul Munford
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