Quantum Rush
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Quantum Rush Racer Customisation Trailer (HD)
23.5MB - 53 downloads - 27 January, 2014

In the video, you see a customisation feature that will soon make it into the closed beta: racer skins. Players will be able to choose between a variety of different skins, and, on some of these skins, it will be possible to adjust the colours. They also point out that more and more skins will become available over time. Apart from racer skins, the team currently plans the following additional customisation options: players will be able to replace their racer's standard cockpit with a cockpit in their favourite colour, there will be numerous decals to choose from and they will even introduce a variety of underbody lights. Taking all these options into account, there will be hundreds of possible configurations for each racer's visual appearance.

play Quantum Rush Racer Customisation Trailer (HD) download Quantum Rush Racer Customisation Trailer (HD)
Quantum Rush First Track in Space Trailer (HD)
27.87MB - 59 downloads - 19 November, 2013

What is special about this track: it's in space! You will be racing over and through various asteroids and reckless mining machines constitute an additional hazard. This new racetrack, which will already be available in the closed beta of Quantum Rush, demands a high degree of skill from the pilot and is a good example for the wild possibilities offered by the game's racing mechanics. The new, innovative track elements make for an exciting challenge for skilled players and - in our opinion - also look really good.

play Quantum Rush First Track in Space Trailer (HD.. download Quantum Rush First Track in Space Trailer (HD..
Quantum Rush Pre-Alpha Trailer (HD)
29.47MB - 50 downloads - 28 August, 2013

Quantum Rush is an action packed, competitive, futuristic online racing game. Exciting race tracks, diverse weapon systems, technology research and extensive racer customization options are only some of the many features this game will offer when released. Up to 20 players will be competing against each other in every race.

play Quantum Rush Pre-Alpha Trailer (HD) download Quantum Rush Pre-Alpha Trailer (HD)