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R2Beat is a new online game that provides the thrill of race and the joy of music together right under your skin. In R2Beat, you will be racing down the track and showing off skills while playing music like a DJ.

1.The one and only, true rhythm racing.
Play R2Beat only with 4 arrow keys.
Listen to the beats sounds, and avoid obstacles to play decent music.
You may use one extra key(Ctrl) for using items, but, sure you will be having so much fun with 4 arrow keys.

2.Spectacle rhythm and action
Feel the intensity of race while playing music. You can show-off your skilled moves. You never know, you might be every players’ wanna-be.

3.The charm behind easy-control
Do you think the game is simple because simple control? Never underestimate the rhythm ride! We’ve got thousands of contents stacked to be released, which will offer whole new challenges to rhythm riders. It is fun to play alone, but real fun can be found in ‘Multiplay’ that is supported by unique game modes. People will never know before trying out for themselves.

4.What’s coming next?
Many people already knew about R2Beat, because the game has been released in China and Korea for more than 5years. R2Beat has created massive fan base, and it is time for the whole populations on the earth to reach for this masterpiece. R2Beat is getting equipped with new features and new trends, such as SNS integration like twitter and facebook, new dancing mode, and new betting mode. People will get to play R2Beat on PC to start with, but soon enough, as long as we stick to the multi-platform plan, people will be able to play R2Beat on anytime, anywhere!
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