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The online game, called ‘Raiderz’ in the original Korean version, is distinguished by an unconventional game concept, which is highly focused on action-oriented gameplay and giving the player a lot of freedom. In the atmospheric game world, online explorers encounter all kinds of impressive creatures. While completing hundreds of quests, players investigate the secrets of the enemy intrusion into the peaceful world of man and join large groups of allies in large-scale campaigns against formidable monsters (so-called ‘raids’). With its highly dynamic controls, requiring manual targeting and active evasion of their opponent’s attacks, MAIET’s online game allows players to dive right into the heat of battle.
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RaiderZ Closed Beta Trailer (HD)
55.46MB - 68 downloads - 11 August, 2012

The doors of the closed beta for the upcoming monster-hunting MMO game RaiderZ are now open! From the 9th until the 29th of August, players will be able to hunt down fantastic creatures and perhaps reach the level cap of 30, if they manage to survive long enough. Players just have to check our Facebook page where all beta key giveaways will be announced, and then redeem their code on the official RaiderZ website,

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RaiderZ Creating the Ultimate Hero Video Developer Diary (HD)
55.06MB - 49 downloads - 9 July, 2012

Developers highlight how RaiderZ is all about having choices. You can combine a mix of fighting styles and equipment in order to survive even the most difficult encounters. You are not limited to base archetypes like Defender, Cleric, Berserker, or Sorcerer, but are encouraged to experiment to find the right combination that works for you. Never forget: Hunt Together or Die Alone.

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RaiderZ Monster Tactics Video Developer Diary (HD)
47.65MB - 42 downloads - 9 July, 2012

Developers highlight features in RaiderZ that make it stand out as a unique action MMORPG. There are different strategies to attack and take down RaiderZ's epic Boss Monsters. Teamwork and timing are essential as every Boss Monster encounter is different and may take a turn for the worse if you are not prepared. Be aware of your surroundings and pick up any buffs or dropped items to your advantage. Follow these helpful tips and you are on your way to being well-rewarded in RaiderZ's Rendel. Always remember: Hunt Together or Die Alone.

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RaiderZ E3 2012 Trailer (HD)
39MB - 46 downloads - 12 June, 2012

It highlights the importance of working as a team to complete challenges and conquer enemies. Venture too far from your party and suffer the fate many have before in Rendel. Only survivors have learned: Hunt together or die alone.

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RaiderZ PAX East 2012 Trailer (HD)
340.03MB - 63 downloads - 7 April, 2012

RaiderZ features intense, twitched-based gameplay and unites gamers with a common goal: seek and destroy epic monsters, sometimes even employing a monster's own severed limbs as weapons. Level progression in RaiderZ is based on skill and determined by weapon choice. In the world of RaiderZ, one can heal while tanking monsters or deal high damage ranged attacks in a suit of armor. With more than 350 skills to choose from, hunters can be unique and designed to complement one another.

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RaiderZ Alpha Trailer (HD)
165.66MB - 41 downloads - 2 March, 2012

In RaiderZ, explore the vivid and surreal land of Rendel in search of behemoths and epic monsters of legend. Find them. Slay them.

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RaiderZ Sorena Trailer (HD)
126.07MB - 35 downloads - 3 November, 2011

Gigantic dragon Sorena is rudely awakened from his slumber (0:56)

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RaiderZ E3 2011 Trailer (HD)
28.65MB - 91 downloads - 4 June, 2011

1:16 of cinematic and gameplay footage

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Raiderz Teaser Trailer (HD)
104.22MB - 52 downloads - 8 March, 2011

2:21 of in-game footage

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