Rainbow Web 2
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Publisher Sugar Games
Date N/A
Publisher Sugar Games
The puzzles in Rainbow Web 2 do not stray far from the addictive recipe of the original. Your goal is to match three or more bubbles of different colors to clear them from the game board. And here comes the most remarkable distinction of the game: the game field designed as a spider’s web, not a corny rectangular field. The bubbles are matched according to the threads of the web. When a match is made, those bubbles disappear from the web and new ones slide into place. But you do not have just to match bubbles of the same color: your objective is to compile a word from letters entrapped inside some bubbles. It makes the game even more fascinating.Rainbow Web 2 provides two modes: classic where you will have a consistent challenge with time limits and relaxation mode with no time restrictions. Classic mode adds some suspense to the gameplay as it is rather craft-demanding to make a match on webs of tricky sizes and shapes within a time limit.

2 game modes: Classic and Relax
60 mind-challenging levels to go
12 beautiful background landscapes
Webs of various kinds
Juicy graphics and amazing visual effects
Author's music and special effects
Full-screen display available
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