Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher Sierra
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
From the back of the box: "NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU... an immense alien craft, from the distant depths of space, has suddenly and unexpectedly entered our solar system. You are a replacement astronaut sent to enter and explore this artificial world... to discover its purpose and reveal its secrets for humankind. RAMA is a startling world of bizarre architecture, engineering marvels and alien wonders. Launched by an unknown intelligence commanding technologies we do not understand, RAMA presents the human mind with its greatest challenge. Decipher a series of complex alien puzzles, avoid unseen dangers, and reveal tantalizing clues - you may even survive to report your mysterious findings."

- First release 1996. 3 CDs. NOT XP COMPATIBLE, but Windows 95/98/ME native, also has DOS-native version on CDs.
- A Myst-style point-and-click adventure, based on the best-selling books by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee.
- The vast and complex world of RAMA holds five enormous cities, a cylindircal sea, and countless dangers.
- Your survival depends on interpeting languages and cultures of creatures never before encountered. Learn to communicate with the Octospiders aboard RAMA by working intricate color puzzles.
- Come face-to-face with Arthur C. Clarke, your personal guide, during key moments in the adventure.
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