Ran Online
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date 2007-04-02
Publisher N/A
Date 2007-04-02
Publisher N/A
RAN Online features a full 3D Japanese campus style setting where the students has to fend his school against dangerous and evil monsters. Joining a different school will result in the player’s character wearing a different uniform and utilising different techniques in fighting. Players can also choose from 4 different types of class- Combat, Sword, Archery and Qigong.

Players will get to enjoy various styles of upgrades, attribute upgrades and stunning skill interface. Apart from gaining levels from killing monsters, players will have to complete multiple mission types. This game features a “Combat Mode” duel activation whereby players can request combat mode between guilds, party and also 1 vs 1 duels. Players also face the challenge of training their characters all the way to level 250. This gives the game a fresh approach to the heavily-crowded fantasy genre.

1.Based On The Japanese Campus Style Background
2.Various Avatar Styles
3.Multiple Types of Missions
4.Multiple Types of Chatting System
5.Activate「Combat Mode」Duel
6.The Challenge For The Highest Level 250
7.Multiple Weapons (Guarding Tools) Attributes Upgrade
8.Opening of Personal Trading Shop
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Ran Online 2009 Update Reveal Trailer
130.7MB - 111 downloads - 17 March, 2009

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