Rascal Rider
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Rascal Rider Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer (HD)
26.85MB - 58 downloads - 6 December, 2013

Take all the emotions you can squezze out of the motorcycle, put them in a Trackmania inspired epic track locations, add some fluency and gameplay dynamics of Wipeout, set it all in a the world of future inspired by cyperpunk and make it a professional sport with violent rules that can only be matched by the ones of Rollerball.

play Rascal Rider Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer (HD) download Rascal Rider Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer (HD)
Rascal Rider Story Teaser Trailer (HD)
108.58MB - 60 downloads - 30 July, 2013

As a professional rider you will take part in a motorcycle racing series specially designed to entertain millions with its unforgiving and violent rules. Being on track you and all of your opponents will be allowed to use different kind of weaponry to claim your place at the finish line. From melee attacks to shooting rival riders in the back -everything is allowed. The high-tech protective suit and medical bots standing by the track will keep you in one piece during the race, as long as you can stand the pain of getting trashed over and over... The game will feature both single player and a cross-platform multiplayer modes. In both modes you will have a choice of allowing the use of the weapons with or without restrictions to create your preffered mix of racing and combat.

play Rascal Rider Story Teaser Trailer (HD) download Rascal Rider Story Teaser Trailer (HD)