Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher Project Two
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtReah, a planet of unknown, holding nothing that would justify setting up a colony there. However, a base was set up, in order to secretly investigate an alien artifact - a teleportation gateway, which teleported people to another dimension. It linked Reah to some other radically different planets. The research of other dimension was quite difficult as it appeared that human technology had very little use on that undiscovered place, and wasn't working properly. So, the only possible way to investigate is to be there in person. Thus, a small group of scientists had set up a small research center on the other side, and you, as the journalist, was offered the chance to visit it and break the great discovery to the world. However, it seemed there were certain problems on the portal site, and that connection was about to become unstable. Of course, that's less than enough to stop the ambicious journalist ready to become famous, so you step in, and that's a moment when you confirm your act of greed. The connection was lost, leaving you in front of the walls of a strange city, facing the unknown.

- Huge 6 CDROM Adventure Game.
- Face the unknown on a distant planet.
- Over 100 puzzles to challenge the hardened adventure gamer.
- Over 150 surrealistic eerie locations to visit.
- PC: Windows 95/98/ME
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