Real Estate Empire 2
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
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Date N/A
Publisher Rusty Axe Games
Date N/A
Publisher Rusty Axe Games
Real Estate Empire 2 features a streamlined upgrade and renovation system that makes the game easier to pick up and play. Real Estate Empire 2 also features a new goals based system that has players leveling up through a variety of different scenarios and goals. A much requested rental system has added an exciting new game play dimension.

Over 30 levels in four different scenarios.
Easy to play, goal based gaming makes the game hard to put down
By popular demand we have added a rental system that allows the player to have a renter pay the mortgage but watch out, a bad renter in an upgraded house can be more trouble than the rent check is worth!
Real life scenarios like Before The Crash recreate real life circumstances and let the player play through them
Learn about real estate management while having fun - Real Estate Empire 2 is the real estate game that teaches you how to win... at the real estate game!
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