Real War: Rogue States
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2002-10-01
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Real War: Rogue States In this modern military RTS the United States has learned that the Independent Liberation Army (ILA) is being backed by a rogue state. It was thought the ILA was destroyed, but this new sponsor has re-energized the ILA and equipped it with even more lethal technology. The gamerís task is to destroy this alliance and punish the offending country.

REAL WAR: ROGUE STATES offers 14 new single player missions, 20 new skirmish maps, and a host of new multiplayer options.
Players have access to a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) system called "advanced orders." Players will be able to order individual units to perform very specific tasks such as destroying anti-aircraft emplacements, sabotaging buildings, or destroying power depots. Units will carry out these complicated tasks without further input from the player, until new orders are given.
Players will also have the ability to give orders to units before they arrive on the battlefield. Thus, units will not stand idle at the base awaiting orders. These improvements will be extended in skirmish mode, where gamers can play scenarios which feature different rules of engagement. These include air-only maps, maps focusing on insurrection and counter-terrorism, and maps which develop advanced tactics which can be used in multiplayer games.
REAL WAR: ROGUE STATES also dramatically expands the multiplayer mode and will offer players the ability to team up and share control of the same force with one player controlling air units and the other player controlling ground forces.
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