Red Alert 2
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2001-10-10
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2000-10-27
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtSticking firm to the old "if it ain't broke" philosophy, Westwood Studios conjures up memories of the original Command & Conquer games with Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. The game is set just a few years after the events of the original C&C: Red Alert, and opens with a surprise Soviet invasion of the U.S. mainland. Playing as the startled Americans, you must cobble together a resistance and beat the invaders back into the sea. Playing as the Soviets, you must quickly establish control of your new domain, wiping out all opposition you meet. Red Alert 2 is very similar to the original Red Alert, with some visual enhancements and gameplay improvements brought in from the recent Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun game. You still lead a small group of infantry and armored units in most missions and you still have to assemble a base of operations in order to accomplish just about anything. This time around, however, you'll have a slew of new units to build and command in the field--most of which are pretty slick. The American Prism Tank, for example, can take out numerous enemy units with a single, branching attack. On the Soviet side, Tesla Troopers and Psychics help make ground troops a formidable asset. Another nice addition to the game is the ability to garrison troops inside buildings. Because much of the fighting is on city streets, it helps to give your troops some cover from time to time. Also, there are a number of special buildings that provide unique advantages once occupied by engineer units. The airport allows you to call in air strikes, for example, while oil derricks provide a resource boost for your war machine. Multiplayer support is still the calling card of this series, and fans of past C&C games will not be disappointed by Red Alert 2's multiplayer options. The basic free-for-all mode that the original Red Alert made famous is still intact, but the alternative multiplayer modes are the real treat. In Unholy Alliance, players get access to both American and Soviet tech trees, while the naval war variant starts each player off on a small island. In addition, the game includes special cooperative campaigns. There's no denying Red Alert 2's charm, despite the lack of a funky 3-D engine and the game's reliance on ultracheeseball video cut scenes to tell the story (Kari Wuhrer or no Kari Wuhrer). For fast- paced, real-time strategy action that focuses on quick, intense firefights on American soil, no other game holds a candle to C&C: Red Alert 2. --Michael Ryan Pros: More frenetic real-time strategy in the C&C universe Tons of new units and capabilities on both sides of the conflict Cool U.S. settings for most missions Great array of multiplayer modes Cons: Not exactly a technical leap forward Video cut scenes are cheesy beyond description
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