Red Shark Review

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Graphics: 5.0
Sound : 4.0
Gameplay : 6.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 5.5
Review by Thomas Cap

“The new Revolution ...”

In 2010 Russian scientists complete the first prototype of a working time machine. Only one year later a secret project is started codenamed “Red Shark”. Mission objective: Send back a modern, heavily armed KA-50 Helicopter to the year 1940 to influence the outcome of WWII to the favour of Russia. And YOU are its pilot.

“ßed Shark”

Never heard of Red Shark before? Don’t be ashamed - you don’t have to. Red Shark is the first PC project of a Russian developer team and at the moment the game is only published at a slightly reduced price in the German speaking countries of Europe and several countries in the far and not so far east. A worldwide a.k.a. English release is not planned at this time.

As you noticed I mentioned “slightly reduced price”. The game is not (yet) published as a budget title but is reduced enough that you cannot compare it to a full price action game either. The game itself is simple. You control a helicopter throughout several levels and finish several “search & destroy” mission objectives.

The graphics of the helicopter itself are very nicely done and even one or two lightning effects can be found if you look hard enough (Hint: Rotate the camera around the helicopter). Landscapes on the other hand, consisting of only four elements (street, grass and 2 different trees – later on replace grass with desert and tree with cactus) make the levels a little boring – and the total of 5 different enemies didn’t help either.

Basically Red Shark is nothing more nor nothing less than an Arcade shooter. The helicopter is equipped with a machine gun with unlimited ammo and a limited amount of 2 types of rockets (one with a guidance system and one without).

The enemies can be tracked with the help of a radar and an auto lock on system makes shooting them from high above fairly easy. On the easiest difficulty setting your copter is even invulnerable to collisions with trees and the ground.

If you have been waiting for a nice, not too expensive helicopter arcade game Red Shark is for you. Na Zdorovje!