Remington Super Slam Hunting: North America
Genre Sport -> Fishing and Hunting
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Date N/A
Publisher Mastiff
Date N/A
Publisher Mastiff
The Remington Super Slam Hunting series will let players experience the thrill of hunting through locations like the woods of North America, the savannah of Africa or the tundra of Alaska as they track big game with more than twenty accurate likenesses of weapons, hunting gear and accessories from top manufacturers like Remington, Wiley X®, and Magnum Research, Inc®.

Remington, whose brand recognition is second only to Nike with sportsmen, is featured prominently throughout the Super Slam Hunting Series. Whether players are looking for the power of the 870™ Express® Super Magnum Synthetic or the accuracy of the Model 7 Predator™ hunting rifle, players will see and hear accurate recreations of the latest Remington firearms, such as:

* Model 750 Rifle
* Model 7600 Rifle
* Model R-25 Rifle
* Model Seven CDL Rifle
* Model 1100 Sporting 12 Gauge Shotgun
* 887™ Nitro Mag
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