Remnants of Skystone
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Date N/A
In the land of Skystone, alien Mimics had long ago infested the land and spread their noxious poison throughout the countryside. The people of Skystone retreated to an airborne town high above the poison haze, and are now ready to launch their attack on the Mimic infestation.

Players can customize their own fighter — choosing from three classes each with unique abilities — to explore the five areas on the ground and exterminate the Mimic threat. Players can also mingle with others in the airborne town, and team up with another player for co-op adventures on the ground. Each player starts the game with their own dwelling, and can furnish their home with store-bought goods and adventuring spoils. Players can visit others' houses to chat, and to rate their decorating style.

* Side-scrolling platformer adventure
* Browser-based MMO Game
* Three classes with unique platforming abilities
* Customize characters with new clothing / accessories
* Deck out personal houses with furniture and spoils
* Team up with another player for Co-op Missions
* Mingle with other players in personal houses
* Five worlds to explore in single-player and co-op
* Numerous side-quests for solo and co-op modes
* Collectible trophies, medallions, and cards
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