Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 2792
Date N/A
Publisher hell-tech
Date N/A
Publisher hell-tech
“Reprobates”, a classic 3rd person point & click-adventure, will again stun the players with beautiful graphics, highly detailed 3D character models and a thrilling atmosphere and story.

The game will be running on the third-generation AGDS engine (AGDS III). The new engine version fully satisfies the visual processing requirements of recent computer games (incl. adventure games). In addition to the realistic animation of game characters and their motions, AGDS III enables you following charecteristics in the game:

face-play and emotions in faces
ageing and cloth wear
atmospheric effects
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Reprobates GC 2007 Trailer (HD)
40.83MB - 263 downloads - 7 September, 2007

1:24 of cinematic and in-game footage

play Reprobates GC 2007 Trailer (HD) download Reprobates GC 2007 Trailer (HD)
Reprobates Teaser Trailer
8.77MB - 49 downloads - 5 December, 2006

1:03 of teaser footage

play Reprobates Teaser Trailer download Reprobates Teaser Trailer
Reprobates GC 2006 Trailer
15.57MB - 127 downloads - 29 August, 2006

0:48 of in-game footage

play Reprobates GC 2006 Trailer download Reprobates GC 2006 Trailer