Restaurant Empire 2
Genre Simulation -> Tycoon
Today's Rank 1340
Date 2009-06-23
Date 2009-05-22
In order to knock-up the perfect dish, a chef must cobble the perfect blend of ingredients for a given recipe. The same can be said for building a restaurant dynasty. First, fork out for the best location possible. Spice up your restaurant with it's very own theme. Coat the interior and exterior of your dining palaces, with the best furnishings money can buy. Fix up a network of first rate suppliers. Stockpile the very best ingredients. Mold the menu to suit the clientèle. Collect and perfect the recipes, that will have people salivating with the desire to return many more times. Poach promising staff from competitors. Then whip them into shape, to provide the perfect service. Sweeten the atmosphere inside, by hiring a host of performers to provide a feast of entertainment as your diners tuck in.
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