Genre Action -> Arcade
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Retrobooster Trailer (HD)
32.99MB - 60 downloads - 21 January, 2014

This is the official trailer for Retrobooster. It's a survival shooter set at 1980s difficulty. Learn to fly, crush the alien onslaught, replay for high scores.

play Retrobooster Trailer (HD) download Retrobooster Trailer (HD)
Retrobooster Work-in-Progress Trailer (HD)
51.94MB - 35 downloads - 29 November, 2012

Retrobooster is a 2.5D survival shooter and cave-flyer, focusing on skill-based flying and enemy blasting. Pilot your rusty thrust ship through bizarre worlds littered with vicious enemies and diabolical traps. Each new level takes you farther from home and, ultimately, into the deadliest reaches of the galaxy. Retrobooster also has speed-flying challenges, various weapons, puzzles, juicy monsters, a warped sense of humor, and a healthy dose of bullet hell action. Survive to the end if you can, and use your awesome new flying skills to replay for high scores. With a custom particle engine dishing out the visual effects, Retrobooster with bathe your eyeballs in its explosions. But this game also remembers that a good cave-flyer is all about honing your flying skills and how the controls feel. Piloting a ship that is always seconds from a fatal collision, Retrobooster sustains a quiet tension. Survival is between you, the alien horde, and the game's realistic physics.

play Retrobooster Work-in-Progress Trailer (HD) download Retrobooster Work-in-Progress Trailer (HD)