Revolution Under Siege
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
Today's Rank 757
Date N/A
Publisher Matrix Games
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
From Warsaw to Vladivostok
Play the greatest civil war
of all times !

Will the Proletarian Revolution triumph against reactionary forces ? Or will you crush the Bolsheviks and save the Czar ?

1917. Red October. The Russian Revolution explodes and will change History forever ! But the birth of the Soviet Regime is not exactly painless, while its enemies triy by all means to destroy it in an amazing struggle : while the Reds stand in Central Russia, the Whites attack from all directions.

The first PC historical simulation on the Russian Revolution.

Made by a passionate team that have already worked on Ageod's American Civil War, Revolution Under Siege proposes to play one of the bloodiest and most hectic period in History.
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