Richard Burns Rally
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2004-09-03
Publisher SCi
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtRICHARD BURNS RALLY is the first true rally simulation game, bringing the most realistic and exhilarating rally experience to all major gaming platforms. This true to life rallying requires tactics, intelligence and perseverance as well as speed, aggression and risk taking. Beginning at the Forest Experience Rally School in North Wales, Richard and co-driver Robert Reid will tutor each player in the tactics, preparation and skills required for rally driving, before the player joins a team and embarks on his career as a rally driver. There are additional game modes including a Richard Burns Challenge, where players get the chance to go head to head with Richard Burns and a 4-player 'hot-seat' multi-player gaming.

Unparalleled engine simulation modelled on genuine automotive information and individual car specs
Simulated car handling for a truly authentic feel
Pace notes authored by Robert Reid
Unique three dimensional track generation system, incorporating; potholes, rocks, puddles and ruts, with realistic depth and effects on the track and the cars
Truly dynamic and random weather all effecting the track and the car
Accurate car damage from engine fires and fuel leaks to brake loss and bodywork damage
Interactive 'real-time' service park with component based repair system
AI opponents with varying personalities and styles, resulting in different race results and crashes
Realistic spectators, who cheer as you speed past, sometimes stray onto the track, but will also help roll your car back if you venture off-road
Helicopter rescues from un-salvageable accidents
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