Ricochet Infinity
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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Ricochet Infinity introduces a new way to play the game by putting the player in direct control of the ball. Instead of waiting for the ball to return to the paddle, with 'Recall' players can at any time, change the ball's direction, giving full control during every second of the game, and not just when the ball hits the paddle.
Like previous Ricochet games, Ricochet Infinity has been created with community in mind, enabling gamers to create and share levels with other players all over the world. Unlike previous Ricochet games, players can now download, rate and tag new levels without ever leaving the game. Unique to Ricochet Infinity, this new ability to directly download levels from within the game makes it easier than ever before for players to trade levels. Players will be able to watch and see the levels they create climb through the ranks of the most downloaded levels, and perhaps become the next online sensation.
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