Riddle of the Sphinx
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date 2004-02-27
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North America Retail Box ArtRiddle Of The Sphinx Combo - this double-shot of puzzle-solving and cinematic story-telling takes you deep into an ancient mystery. Features the original Riddle Of The Sphinx and its sequel, The Omega Stone: Riddle Of The Sphinx II.

- In Riddle Of The Sphinx, you must solve a series of puzzles -- Unearth sacred artifacts as you journey through eerie labyrinths
- Find the missing scroll using an archaeologists' notes and your own wits, to learn a secret and remove a curse
- The Omega Stone - Riddle Of The Sphinx II takes you on a trip around the world
- Search the ruin of ancient Mayan pyramids to uncover evidence of a lost worldwide civilization
- Discover the shocking truth behind the Devil's Triangle and find the long-lost city of Atlantis
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