Risk Your Life
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Box ArtPresented in a full 3D world, RYL allows players to create their unique characters, define their roles, engage in battles and hand-to-hand combat via this internet adventure and watch their character grow. No longer do players have to face monotonous individual games but they can now interact with hundreds or thousands of other players from all over the world and undertake the adventure of a lifetime together. RYL connects players around the world together to venture into quests, players can

- Limited Edition Contents- RYL CD Game Disk- RYL: Path of the Emperor Game Guide- RYL: Figurine- 1 Month Free Trial included- 1 - 30 day Pre-Paid Game Card (This will give the package a total of 60days)
- Quest-based SystemThe new version of RYL has over 200 quest-based missions for players to complete. These quests vary for each race and difficulty for each quest gradually increases as the player advances. Players can party with other players in order to complete these quests, giving it a realistic MMORPG adventure effect.
- New Improved Battle SystemThe completely revamped Battle System in RYL is the best in any real time FPS/TPS MMORPG to date. The action is fast and furious as you battle lowly creatures to huge behemoths in fantastic 3D landscapes. Use of special combat skills and magic spells is simple and intuitive, giving you complete flexibility in your combat strategy.
- Skill SystemHow do you upgrade the character in the game? The unique difference in this game is that the characterfs career and role is not decided at the beginning. These slowly become apparent as the character levels up and their abilities and skills increase over time. Each time the character reaches a specific experience level, he/she can choose to learn special skills and/or knowledge and even receive special weapons so that the character may become a great warrior or receive a powerful
- Territory SystemThe player is able to specify the territory that will become his own to develop that territory to increase its wealth and benefits. Build Forts, Fortification and Siege Gliders. The player can form a party or community to wage war against another community who are friends or foes. A player can become the gfeudal lordh or chief of that particular area/territory by being voted by other players. The feudal lord must have his/her own strategic unit in the game and is responsibl
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