Robot Wars
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 351
Date 2002-10-22
Publisher Sierra
Date 2001-11-23
Publisher BBC Multimedia
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAs you might expect, Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction is the game of the TV programme. The aim, put at its simplest, is to build the best robot you can, and watch it destroy the competition--or watch the competition destroy your creation. Your first task, then, has to be to design your own robot. A visit to the shop lets you buy components, or, if the budget is tight, the scrap yard might be a better bet. Weapons, armour and power of some sort are all required, and if there's any money left in the kitty you can add some extras, even down to deciding a paint scheme. When you're happy with your robot, the battle can commence. The Robot Wars arena is reminiscent of the TV programme, and you could content yourself simply with building better and better robots with which to pound the opposition. Alternatively, there's a training ground for honing skills, and a robot trading area, where you can buy and sell bots. There are numerous playing options, ranging from a full tournament to a free-play mode in which you can choose a location depending on how many credits you've won in previous battles. Alternatively, try a Vengeance Battle in which you take on another human's creation. Robot Wars fans will also have access to a Web site where they can exchange robot designs. Robot Wars is an addictive game which is all the more fun if you can play it with a friend. Let the tournament begin! --Sandra Vogel
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