Rome Caesars Will
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date 2001-11-29
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North America Retail Box ArtThis is an adventure game at the heart of Roman power. Thanks to an innovative dialogue engine, the behavior of the characters closely simulates human reality. Depending on your behavior, their reactions can vary according to infinite combinations. Choose the appropriate attitude to make allies, to obtain information, to seduce, or to entrap. In real time, explore luxurious locations: the Forum, the Temple of Vesta, Cicero's house, and the Roman port of Ostia. In a breathtaking reconstitution of the Roman world, you are confronted with the hustle and bustle of Roman daily life: learn how to count in sesterces, to wield a sword, or to prepare love potions. As an insider, discover the habits and customs of one of history's most fascinating civilizations. The intrigue in Rome is not linear: several roads lead to the truth, all strewn with traps and pitfalls. The suspense continues to mount until the final, impressive public trial where you must confront the guilty parties before the mob in the forum. It is up to you to win their support by calling on witnesses and producing incriminating evidence. But watch out, time is limited, and the life of Aurelia is in jeopardy.
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