Rulers of Nations
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
Today's Rank 2875
Date N/A
Publisher Eversim
Date N/A
Publisher Eversim
In Rulers of Nations players can take part in solo campaigns, or lock horns with up to 16 other online leaders where you choose whether other human or AI leaders are your state’s friends or foe.Rulers of Nations is played on a detailed 3D world map that shows 192 countries, and 8,000 cities, in a visually stimulating user interface, complete with multiple windows and on-screen video inserts. Each country has current data on 400 key factors (economics, energy, monetary, military etc.) based on current data from 50 international organisations including the United Nations, G20, NATO, NAFTA and OPEC.To add further realism, 3D renders of the major real world leaders are included so now you can dialogue and look directly into the whites of their eyes. Who will blink first?
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