Run Razzle Run
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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Razzle, that crazy little rat, is on the loose again! This time he's high atop the powerlines running block after block through the big city. Players must take the rambunctious rat from one end of the city to the other. While racing along the power lines "Razzle-rescuers" direct Razzle to jump up, jump left or jump right, over and over again in a never ending combination of skillful moves if they want to avoid the pestering pecking of the black crows!

As the nail-biting levels intensify, the tension grows. The menacing hawk emerges out of the blue and swoops down to prey on a rat on the run! One wrong move or one hesitant moment and cute little Razzle will become food for the arch-enemy - the predatory hawk.

Players will direct Razzle along his run, through 4 different city blocks each loaded with birds hungry for a bite. With every city block challenge intensifies as the crows congregate and Razzle runs faster and faster, filled with fear!


* Four different city areas each filled with crazy crows and hungry hawks!
* Challenging levels, higher speeds, and more vicious birds all hungry for a bite!
* Realistic sounds: ominous cawing, hawk's screams and Razzle's pitiful peeps!
* Hand-drawn cartoon backdrops and an adorable animated Rat that's family friendly!
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