Sacred Gold
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 9172
Date 2006-02-21
Publisher Encore Software
Date 2005-08-26
Publisher Ascaron
North America Retail Box ArtIn Sacred, you will fight agianst impossible odds, as calm and peace give way to aggressionand war. Explore Ancaria, a huge game world full of adventure and myths. As you visit each of its 16 regions, you'll develop new skills, forge magical weapons and even design your own attacks -- all in an unrestricted free play mode, or as player vs. player. In this world, an ancient wizard brought down great evil, but angelic warriors called Seraphim rose up to defeat it. This was long ago, however - and now the immense evil returns. Can you turn back its rising tide? Visit blacksmiths to combine rings and other special items to produce stronger weapons and armor Mix your skills and magic to create player-designed Special-Moves Try Cooperative or Hack 'n' Slay multiplayer modes Multiplayer modes with Internet and LAN support for up to 16 players

- different heroes ranging from Wizards to Vampires to Gladiators.
- Each character has special powers, weapon capabilities, and wizardry talents providing a completely unique gameplay experience from player to player.
- Fourteen exciting regions to explore and conquer.
- More than 40 main quests and over 250 side quests to explore.
- Create your own custom combos and spells.
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