Sacrifice Review

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Graphics: 9.5
Sound : 9.0
Gameplay : 10
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 9.0
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Introduction and Game play

From the developer of the legendary MDK and Earthworm Jim comes a game that will have much more innovations than MDK had at its time. In Sacrifice you play a wizard who came out of a destroyed world. He fled from his world just before it was destroyed at the hands of a demon lord. Then he finds himself an unknown realm. In this realm are five gods, each of which could make use of your wizardry talents. Who you ally yourself with, and when, is up to you, but your choice will be a factor in how the game's story will go on, and end. After each mission you complete you can go back to the gods and choose another one.

The Campaign

After you have started the Campaign mode you don't get into a level. No, Shiny decided to make it different. The game begins with the introduction, which shows you that the world you have lived in is dead and destroyed. I quote "Sorry master, we are too late again". After seeing some tortured creatures in pain you meet an old friend. Being a wizard like you, he will help you further in the game.
After the intro you see yourself in a realm with 5 big statues.

After the intro you have to decide which God you will start to believe in. After the decision you can go into the realm for the god of your selection and try to solve the mission he sends you into.

After playing some missions the story goes on and shows you what happened and why.
And after playing more and more the game shows that it's really fun and the tricks the developers put into it. The best thing on every Shiny game is that they have tons of humour. Everything you see in Sacrifice (monsters, flowers, gods...) is a pure creation of imagination. Sacrifice has much fun and really many innovations in it, especially the monsters, the handling of your wizard and his creatures are individual.

Graphic and Sound: The first that will hit you when you start a Sacrifice will be the graphic. Beautiful, deep and good styled textures and you can look deep into the country. Everything you see (only not the heaven) can be visited and reached by your wizard. Green grass, yellow dusty deserts, snowy winter levels and hot like hell black levels are making Sacrifice one of the most flexible games ever. Also the moving sky looks pretty good with its changing weather. Travelling from south to north takes approximately 2 minutes, but in a very big map it takes like 8 minutes. So there you see what the engine has to do. Every pixel you can see on your screen can be visited by you and your wizard. Because it would take too much processor power the developers of Shiny used a small changed version of Messiah. If you stay near a tree you can see all the details of it. If you then go away from it the detail of it goes down until there is only a small pixel to see. That doesn't use too much processor power but makes you feel like you are in a world. The sound of Sacrifice is like the graphic chip of the PS2 for its processor. It's the best for this kind of game. No better sound could have been created for it, and no better voices could have been used to speech the gods. The bad god has the deep sounds and the funny gods have the funny voice. Congrats to Shiny for that speech work.
Even the voices and speech is hitting the whole story of Sacrifice, you will hear who is the bad guy and hear whom you better should trust and who not to trust.

Overall: Shiny did its best job yet to create a new innovative, funny, and happy game containing many good elements like graphics, sounds, voices and maps. Seeing your creatures run around while you have a free look around your world. The engine used in Sacrifice allows also a bit older computers to run in a good frame, and the graphical interface also looks good. Again Shiny created a good game with many innovations. But with Sacrifice there is a really good, long lasting game from Shiny. I personally would say that the game has all in it you could want from the game: Good graphics, good sound, good maps and much fun. Hopefully other developers now would use the innovations Shiny used to create Sacrifice. Good-bye Shiny and many other new innovative games for Ps and Ps2. And at last I want to quote the Sacrifices Developers "Sacrifice is good for your Soul". The game makes you an addict and it's the game of the year in RTS.

Graphics: 9.5/10 what could be better than a level of detail Engine? Runs fast on every pc with a 3D-Card.
Sound: 9.0/10 the sounds and voices couldn't have been made better, everything sounds like you're in a real world.
Gameplay: 10/10 many innovations, handling the game is ok, and those who can't control it must be stupid.
Handling: 10/10 it's easy to handle, which helps making it even more fun. Should be playable for everyone.
Overall: 9.1/10 innovating super graphics. Well-made sounds, voices, maps for everyone and a map editor are making Sacrifice the RTS of the year!

The world of bad clipping:

Hmm, there were no bugs but, ehm, you should go and download the latest drivers or else you'll get pixels, and clipping errors everywhere. After installing the drivers everything should be ok. I did not notice any other in-game bugs.