Saga of Pandoria
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Saga of Pandoria Gameplay Trailer (HD)
25.46MB - 74 downloads - 24 November, 2013

Long time ago, when civilizations were still great and the world was full of technology, a group of ancients looked into legends of a powerful force know to them as magic and to us as MANA. While they found many different elements of magic, which they named "Gan", "life", that produced and sustained life. To us these are the eight elements of mana, "Gan" was not powerful enough to use as a weapon. The ancient's search of magic for a powerful weapon was fruitless for a long time. One day a young scientist found a different side of magic, one whose purpose was that of total destruction, it was named "Gan-ti" in their language "anti-life". Wherever Gan was present Gan-ti tries to destroy it for that was its purpose. The ancients tried to harness Gan-ti as a weapon to us against their enemies by collecting various artefacts that held much Gan-ti. As their pool of Gan-ti slowly increased it soon became the largest concentration of Gan-ti ever. Many don't know what happened, the explosion rocked the world and both Gan-ti and Ta-Gan were set free. Gan-ti is slowly eating away at the world like acid. The area near the mountain became uninhabitable and new types of monsters began to roam the area, horrid creations from the pits of Gan-ti. We found out that mana must be restored in order to reverse the process triggered by the explosion at Mt. Syuvius. A new mana tree is needed to return balance to the world. History is about to repeat itself.

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