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Year 2026. The World government resorted to stem cells and gene engineering to stage the Judgment Day. They created genetic replications of Christ and Antichrist and destroyed them right away in the course of events to set forth severe fundamentalism on Earth, propped by the idea of communicating with God via machines as well as by the army of cloned creatures, called Angels...
Every single step of mankind is controlled by the will of a handful technocrats looking after several super-servers “linked-up to heaven”, so as to make any their decision the only and right one. The population is kept in constant stasis, technologies are forbidden, each and everyone has to “repent” once a week, putting it in a more plain text “repent” means a weekly brain-scan. For any wrong thoughts they find they may execute or send to Hell - cybernetic virtual environment system that makes a man suffer immensely. In year 2026, the dissidents, profoundly individual people across the globe set up scattered resistance teams and try to topple the regime. They wage invisible wars, but the strengths are far from being equal…
The protagonists of the game are people from various climes with different past, but common and terrifying present. They are bound together with the idea of overthrowing the Regime and destroying the Hell and Paradise virtual systems. They will have to overcome many obstacles on their way to the truth, hidden from people by the New World Government.

Detailed atmosphere of cybernetic dystopia of the future inspired by such masterpieces as “1984”, “Brand New World” and “Us”
Diversified and various gameplay combining best elements of stealth, action and arcade in a totally new, exiting way
Abut 20 original bosses, each with its own strategy and story
Seven episodes, from Tokyo to London, combined into great dramatic story
High cinema factor
Usage of multifunctional original weapon of the future
Original but simple-in-use RPG system
Use of advanced licensed technologies, realistic physics, 5.1. Sound
Technological and detailed graphics with usage of parallax and normal mapping, cinematic full-screen pixel shader effects, HDR lighting, dynamic light, shadows and more.
Inverse kinematics
Great soundtrack including live orchestra, licensed content and original materials
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