Sam & Max: Hit the Road Review

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Graphics: 6.0
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 6.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.9
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I doubt there's any game I've reviewed as many times as this kick arse game, why you might ask, well it might be because I'm in love with it's wacky humour and intrigueing plot. Sam, a fluffy white bunny wabbit and a dog named Max are the freelance police. Problems are in town, at the freakshow down town to be exact. In best LucasArts style you start off in the shabbiest detective office you could possibly imagine, perfect for our two furry friends. To give you some idea, imagine the kind of detective office you see in old Humphry Bogart movies, take away smoke, add small inhabitants (mice), a dart-board with knives and axes on, a tv with a homemade antenna, papers spread all over, and last but not least, color!

As you get down to the freakshow and bump into the main badguy and his lifeguard, you get to hear what all the fuzz is about. You see their main attraction, a frozen yeti has escaped and to make matters worse, he's taken with him his girlfriend Trixie who is a long-necked animal of some sort. Naturally you accept the mission, and head around the US to investigate. Starting around the freakshow, with it's love tunnel, whack'a rat and other more or less strange places. Continueing on you'll pop in at the biggest ball of twine in the world, Fish World, numerous mini-marts, and occational games of "jump over the signs on the highway". I'm fairly sure you've understood that this game is a pretty strange one, but like with
Day of The Tentacle this was once a VERY popular game, and it should not be forgotten!

Another thing that makes this game stand out from the crowd is it's mini games; "Jump over the signs on the highway" and "Whack'a Rat" is just two of the things you can play when you're too tired to look for whatever you forgot to pick up 4 hours ago. Still there are other really fun games with just as many sarcasms from Sam and his pal Max as the rest of the game! They're all easy to find, and I'm sure if you try you will find them.

The Graphics:
LucasArts has had it's own way of making games, and the same thing applies to it's graphics. Both the introduction and the ingame graphics is very colorful and friendly, but still it's not so friendly that it can only be played by kiddies, actually the only thing I can say to describe it is, well.. Superb. I can't really imagine the graphics to be improved in any way, without thinking of 3d that is. When I come to think of it, a convertion to 3d probably would suck, as most such attempts have been.

The Sounds:
It can be a bit tricky getting the setup to run both digital sounds, and the cd audio, but it is possible for most people with a bit of testing between various irq's and dma's. There is ALOT of sound effects, and every character has it's own brilliant voice. LucasArts must've really been picky when they were looking for voices to give the characters, as everyone sound like you'd expect them to. Very good!

The Music:
The statement Quality before Quantity applies to this game, every cd track is of top quality, and personally the mole song is one I've fallen in love with, and to be honest I've actually put the cd in my stereo just to play the tracks. The bummer is the amount of tracks, which is few. Most of the ingame music is midi'ish (but still really great), and some places you've got those cd tracks. Actually a while back I stumbled across a web site that actually had midi-conversions of music in the game, so with a little searching you should have no problems finding it.

The Gameplay:
This is your regular point and click game, with easy to use interface, easy to use menues and just as easy controls. At times it can be the frustrating "hunt for the correct pixel" syndrome, but a bit difficulty is just good for the heart.