Sam & Max: Season One
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 16480
Date 2007-08-14
Date 2007-08-17
Sam & Max Season One is modeled after a television series. Each of the six game episodes on the disc has a self-contained storyline that feeds into an overarching season-wide arc, with comedic sensibilities akin to popular animated series such as The Family Guy and The Simpsons. The games play like interactive sit-coms, with the player collecting clues, interrogating a bizarre supporting cast of characters, and ultimately unraveling the overarching hypnosis conspiracy that spans the six episodes.

All six episodes in one huge fan-pack!
Superb dialogs
Subtle and outrageous humour with plenty of zaniness and persiflage
Retail version consists of a package of six on-line episodes and extra content.
Special Fan Edition: extraordinary packaging containing additional fan-goodies:
State-of-the art graphic-enigne: expirience high-res graphics and stable, consistent framerates even on moderate systems
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