Sam Suede: Undercover Exposure
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Sam Suede™: Undercover Exposure® On a shelf filled with look-alike, play-alike games, Undercover Exposure® is original, innovative, and unique. It is the first in a new video game genre: ACTION COMEDY. Set in current times, Sam takes place in a sunny, tropical vacation paradise populated by outrageous human beings. No post-apocalyptic worlds, alien creatures, dragons, or space monkeys here. Instead, Sam Suede™ features well-developed characters, an interesting plot, and fast-paced modern humor. Sam is an action game that has laughs where other games use violence. It combines Al Lowe’s humor with action, stealth, puzzles, platforming, a little titillation, and even more humor. It's easy to learn and easy to play, with enough challenge and laughs to make you play through to the end to find out “whodunit.” Even Sam’s cut scenes are interactive: to advance the plot, you must choose your conversation from a list of topics, single words, and short phrases. Wise choices make the game progress. Other choices may "expose" you… or make you laugh out loud! Sam Suede™ is not an adventure game. There's no inventory so there‘s no inventory manipulation. Although it’s a mystery game, there’s no note-taking required. Finish the game and the mystery solves itself.
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