Sango 2
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Retail Box ArtSango 2 is a historical war game based on the Chinese classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Rewrite the history of the Three Kingdoms era by playing as the ruler of one of the great nations, such as Liu Bei, Cao Cao, or Yuan Shao. There are three campaigns to choose from, representing three different time periods to reshape.Your mission is to expand your nation, take control of all twenty-eight castles, and reunite China. People from Chinese history are your subjects and your enemies. Take advantage of the intelligence of a famous advisor, and the combat skills of a famous general.Use Sun Tzu's military strategy on the battlefield and when dealing with enemy nations. Challenge yourself and see if you truly understand the Art of War.

Act as a Diplomat/Messenger — Propose treaties, request a nation to ally or declare war on another, or request a joint attack.
Act as a Spy — Spy on a foreign city and collect vital information.
Sabotage a castle — Burn down enemy gates so that your deployments can enter, or spread rumours to shake the city's loyalty.
Trick an army — Delay an enemy army to buy time for your deployments, spread false news to prevent it from receiving reinforcements, or burn its supplies.
Act as a Corruptor — Corrupt a foreign governor to shake his/her loyalty to their ruler, or corrupt a foreign ruler to lower his/her popularity. A Barrack adds 200 Spearmen per turn.
An Armory adds 100 Swordsmen per turn.
A Lumbermill adds 200 Archers per turn.
A Stable adds 50 Cavalry per turn.
Battle formations are from Sun Tzu and Wu Tzu’s ancient military doctrines.
Players lay out their armies head-to-head against each other in most battles.
The objective is to capture the enemy’s flag or eliminate its forces.
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