Scooby Doo Phantom of the Knight
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date 2000-10-24
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North America Retail Box ArtCan you help Fred, Velma, and the gang solve the mystery behind the Phantom Knight and his dragon? Scooby-Doo: Phantom of the Knight offers laughs, pretty good animation, and a series of challenging puzzles to entertain young children for hours. Since the villain and clues change with each new adventure, replay is just as much fun as the very first game. Set up much like an episode of the classic television series, the program puts players in an old, castle-themed amusement park to explore for clues to its haunting. Some of the scarier areas will require feeding Scooby or Shaggy to coax them in; snacks can be obtained by several tests of skill along the way. Once enough clues have been collected, players decide who's to blame, then check to see if the guess is right in an action sequence that closes play. Three levels of difficulty are available, and each offers increasing pressure in the form of red-herring clues and harder challenges to acquire Scooby Snacks. Installation is very simple, and the CD-ROM comes with several Scooby-related goodies like a printable poster and online previews of upcoming movies. (Ages 5 to 10) --Rob Lightner

- The mystery changes each time you play with new clues and a different villain and outcome
- Uncover the secret of the Phantom Knight to solve the mystery
- Venture into a haunted castle
- Search for suspects and clues in magic mirrors and hidden mazes
- Builds thinking and problem solving skills, research skills, deductive reasoning, and logical analysis
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