Serious Sam
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 3590
Date 2001-03-21
Publisher Gathering
Date 2001-04-12
Publisher Take 2
North America Retail Box ArtSerious Sam returns to the roots of first-person shooters, serving up big guns, hordes of enemies and plenty of attitude. The entire game is steeped in an ancient Egyptian theme with levels that range from claustrophobic temple passages to wide-open arenas, with surprises around every corner. The monsters are uninspired, but Serious Sam substitutes quantity for quality. Enemies do little more than blindly rush at you, but when dozens are converging on your position at the same time things get hectic in a hurry. Fortunately there is plenty of health, armour and ammunition packs to pick up along the way, so expect a sore trigger finger after fighting all the way through to the game's epic end battle. The only real faults with this all-out action fest are that it ends all too soon, and the Egyptian theme--though beautifully wrought--gets old. Still, Serious Sam's bang for the buck ratio is high enough to make most complaints moot, and players will be too busy trying to survive to get bored with the scenery. --T. Byrl Baker
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