Settlers 4
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 3832
Date 2001-08-01
Date 2002-03-22
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe objective of The Settlers, Fourth Edition is to build up a colony with a thriving construction and mining industry, and plentiful food, tool, and weapon production. The player's skillful use of resources, combined with the irrepressible get-up-and-go spirit of the diverse settlers, form the foundation of a robust colony. Make the settlement more attractive and it could become a paradise--if you didn't have to deal with the neighboring races. Players decide whether they want to lead the Romans, the Vikings, or the Mayans. The races differ not only in their appearance and their architecture, but also in a variety of smaller details. They raise different farm animals, produce different alcoholic beverages, and make and use different weapons. Their priests cast unique spells. All settlers are actually peace-loving folks, but there's always that annoying neighbor who occupies the land with those large deposits of gold or sends long-fingered brethren over to swipe your freshly harvested crops. This can cause the industrious settlers to engage in magnificent battles on land and at sea, battles where the outcome will depend less on the number of troops, but more on skillful tactics and well-organized strategy. The Settlers, Fourth Edition has a completely updated appearance, with more detailed characters, animations, buildings, landscapes, and decorative elements. Other new features include an easier, faster interface, the choice of three races, expanded harbor navigation with better ship detail, and better strategic possibilities. The Settlers, Fourth Edition builds on the tried-and-true game principle of the preceding Settlers games, but is in essence a very new game. Fans will recognize "their" settlers, but will also discover a number of innovations and new details.
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