Seven Kingdoms 2
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2003-11-21
Publisher Enlight
Date N/A
Publisher Ubisoft
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Retail Box ArtWhether you play a king or a deadly Fryhtan monster, Seven Kingdoms 2: The Fryhtan Wars sets the task of building an empire from the humblest of beginnings--a single stronghold. Surrounded by hostile forces eager to expand into your territory, this stronghold must establish control over neighbouring towns in order to acquire recruits and tribute for its armies. There is a constant risk of being overwhelmed by your enemies, and to fend off rivals, you must use diplomacy and war judiciously. Fans of the original Seven Kingdoms game will enjoy this sequel, which revives the core concepts of its predecessor while updating and expanding on its themes. Internal and external politics of your growing kingdom figure strongly--keeping the peasants fed is as important as fending off hostiles--but your control of the population is absolute, and there is a lot of flexibility in how you achieve those goals. However, the game interface is non-intuitive, and the command configuration for the mouse is unwieldy. This makes troop control and battles harder to manage than they should be, especially compared to the elegance of other, similar games. That said, the actual battles pose interesting tactical problems, and conducting warfare is enjoyable. For addicts of fantasy strategy games, Seven Kingdoms 2: The Fryhtan Wars offers significant challenges and hours of gaming fun. --Alyx Dellamonica Pros: You play as the monstrous Fryhtans Rich mix of combat, strategy, economics and building Distinctive units and special characters Con: Clunky interface

- Agitate and assassinate, betray and bribe, subvert and steal
- 12 ancient human kingdoms; 36 different human units
- 7 fearful Fryhtan species and their special units and powers
- Heroes, 3D rolling terrain, dynamic campaigning; unique scenario editor
- 1 CD ROM supports 4 multiplayers on a local network
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