SFG Soccer: Football Fever
Genre Sport -> Sport
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With the World Cup looming, now is the time to get some practice in and start your own championship. SFG Soccer: Football Fever is a six-on-six soccer game with deep RPG-style player progression and levelling systems. There’s also the chance to challenge your friends, with up to four local players supported. There’s even a full league system, which you can play co-op or solo while leading your team to battle it out in the 1st Division Championship Game. Use bicycle kicks, headers, one-touch passes, slide-tackles and instant replays, it's all here, with a host of special features:

° Easy to learn controls, suitable for the whole family
° Fast, addictive, arcade-style game play
° New enhancements include mouse controls, and a two-button 'Casual Mode' for more laid back gamers
° Customizable teams and leagues
° Multi-season Career Mode, featuring 64 teams from around the world.
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Screenshots added: 2010-05-07