Shades of Sanity
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Shades of Sanity Cells Walkthrough (HD)
38.69MB - 100 downloads - 3 September, 2013

In Shades Of Sanity you play as Joseph Springer, a schizophrenic patient on a desperate quest to find his ex-wife while trapped in an oppressive environment filled with haunting visions and dangerous encounters. The struggle with Joseph’s symptoms, and how it affects your choices, is a primary theme in both story and gameplay. What sets Shades of Sanity apart from other horror titles is the treatment of the protagonist and his condition. Players are fighting themselves as well as external factors. Players will be forced to think their way through hallucinations and delusions. The surrounding environments can be used to combat these dangers. Players won’t have a shotgun to blow away an enemy, instead they’ll utilize a combination of items such as, turning the gas on and throwing a match, pushing a cabinet in front of the window, or just making a run for it. You won’t be stomping over health packs, you’ll be looking at the medication and wonder why it’s now marked “POISON, DO NOT TAKE!” The videos shows a playthrough of a Pre-Alpha build of their cells area, and a sample explanation of a “Supernatural Logic” puzzle.

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