Shadow of Legend
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Shadow of Legend takes you into the mythical land of Agnes, a once beautiful and lush world, full of creators and inhabitants that lived side-by-side in peace and harmony. It was so until Chaos, the Bringer of Death and Destruction, began his eternal war against Harmorris, the Great God of Creation, which resulted in the burning and desecration of the lands. The constant warring left the fate of Agnes at the hands of the inhabitants, who are given a choice to either join Harmorris and protect the land or join Chaos and conquer the land.

Shadow of Legend(SOL) is a 2D free to play fantasy MMORPG, and it will come in a brand new shape and form in 2.5 Dimension in Oct. 2008.

Unique Character Advancement & Skill Progression
SOL has sixteen classes branched off four archetypes of classes-combatant, archer, mage, and monk, each of which is given a unique role, unique abilities, and a chance to perfect with diversified combat skills through a progression, along with race specific inborn skills. A reborn system further extends the character development at level cap. No pointless grinding.

Player vs. Player
SOL is a PVP centric fantasy MMOG. Open PVP, Arena, and Guild Castle Siege in conjunction with an honor system and a criminal system provide unparalleled intensity of SOL PVP experience. .

Cooperative Play
SOL has bloodcurdling creatures and chilling dungeons that challenge team efforts. Group and guild specific functionalities are built into the game to facilitate the cooperative play.

Crafting & Character Customization
SOL has an intriguing crafting system to help players at various levels to pursue dream armors and weapons that they deserve. The upcoming 2.5D SOL further extend the system and add extensive character customization that rewards those who strive for maximum accomplishment.

A Lush & Immersing Fantasy World
SOL features stunning graphics of our proprietary game engine, which creates a rich, lush, and vibrant world unparallel to other games in this category. More importantly, SOL has a wide array of features that makes such beautiful land a much living world that leaves ample room for casual players: quests, banking system, trade & auction system, master-pupil system, teleport system, and various in-game events.
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