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Located on a distant planet, Shaiya puts players in the middle of an age-old blood feud between two warring factions: the Union of Fury and the Alliance of Light.
The Beta test phase gives players early access to a game with dozens of maps, hundreds of monsters, over 1,000 quests, and more than 1,000 different items, armor and weapons.

Immersive Environments: From the green hills and blue skies of the Alliance of Light, to the rocky landscape and black clouds of the Union of Fury, the continent of Teos ebbs and flows beneath your feet. Frozen tundra, desert wastelands, glistening lakes, towering trees and even a floating temple await.
Addictive Game-play: PvE, PvP and RvR. Players can battle monsters, duel each other, or compete in the massive realm-versus-realm battles for the blessing of their Goddess.
Fantasy Elements: Dragons, elves, swords, magic, dramatic music, quests, faithful steeds, and the never-ending of battle of Light versus Darkness all harken back to the roots of role-playing games.
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