Sheep Review

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Graphics: 9.0
Sound : 8.5
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.6
Review by A.S.
Well, we meet again, this time to review a "Puzzle Solving" game called: Sheep.

For those who don't know what kind of games Puzzle solving are, you might recall Lemmings.. (Just maybe :P), one of Computer Histories' best titles ever, where you control those adorable blue little lemmings and try to bring them to safety.

Where as Sheep, with somewhat Less control directly on the Sheep, you do have more maneuverability for being the Shepherd.


The entire concept of the game is to bring sheep into safety, Ether take them to a Bunker, Truck or whatever. How you ask? Here we go:

You are the shepherd, you can only "Push" or Frighten the sheep into moving to the opposite direction of the one your approaching them, forcing them to move, by that, you control the movement of the sheep, but many obstacles and bad guys are waiting for you on the way, so you might have to run alot to save the required number of sheep needed in each level. Not only that, but those who created Sheep wanted to spice up the game by giving four different sheep types, each one with its own characteristics, giving more Replay value to the game.

Sheep sports many levels, many worlds, each one with more intriguing and different Gameplay, making the game an actual Scorer. I would not think twice to call this game a true winner. As for the Gameplay part, the game succeeds in doing what it intended to do: Control, Think and Fast, while having fun.


The game uses 3D Acceleration, making you wonder whether there are any camera roles in the game, well, No. The game is played from a Birds Eye kind of look, giving the gamer a more than enough Line of sight to function correctly in the game. The World's consist of fairly detailed textures, bright colors, many effects when it comes to interaction with the objects of the maps, yet it does lack somewhat of the Smoke and Fire effects our beloved 3D accelerators can produce these days..

The characters are spirit based for all you can tell, though the Sheep look very much 3D-like, so when it comes to running around and having a great time being a Shepherd, you wont find a better game than this :P

Sounds are very nice, very well prepared, if you would like to hear a lot of sheep making some Noise, this is a game that will make you happy. As for the music, its quite good but quite repetitive in the menu's (you will hate it -hiv-).

Overall Impression:

A Very refreshing game after the Lemmings Mania, giving a new and different atmosphere to all Puzzle solving games. A Must-Get game for all you Lemmings Lovers out there and specially those who die for Puzzle solving games.